Say hello to Mikaela, a 2017 graduate from Central High School.  When her mother, Christine, first contacted me about a session, she wrote that she wanted me to photograph her daughters senior portraits.  I love when I get emails like this!  No questions about the business, prices, locations, nothing!  Just, I need to book my daughters pictures with YOU!   They knew they wanted me and my artistic style and I was pumped from that first email for this session.

When our session began, I had learned so much in the first 10 minutes.  Mikaela would be graduating top 4 in her class.  She will be attending UCF to study, and is very interested in medicine. She has a passion to work with children and babies.

Mikaela has had Andre who is her boyfriend for more than two years in her life.  Along with Andre, who is  a great support system, her parents and family play a major role in her success.  There is a lovely bond between Mikaela and her mother, Christine.  A bond that every mom would want for her and her daughter.

Mikaela had told me in our pre-session consult that she had a love for books.  She has always loved to read so I thought we should showcase that in her photos.  I just loved the way we incorporated these books into our session.

It was great working with you, Mikaela.  You are blessed with a very loving and supportive family.  The relationship you and your mom have is very special.  Cherish that!  During our session, she had such pride on her face.  You have made her and your father exceptionally proud.  There are no limits, girl!  Keep reaching for those stars.  I wish you so much success after graduation.

I’ve included in this post some favorites from her portrait session below.  Sip your coffee, tea, or wine and enjoy!





Calling all current clients.

referral program overlay_edited-1

I’m excited to announce my referral program for all you existing clients.  Before you know it, the holiday season will be here.  Yes, I went there.  Not even back in school yet and I’m already talking about the holidays.

I have an awesome program calling your name!  Send me your friends and family who are in desperate need of updating their photos. Every time I receive a new client from YOU, I will take money off your next session.

You have the opportunity to bank these credits and potentially have enough to get your next session with me for FREE!  That’s right, FREE.  So start networking and get your friends and family scheduled so when the holidays arrive, pictures won’t have to be in your budget when shopping is in full swing.

While I am at it,  I will award the first person to book their holiday shoot with me for 50% off.  Holiday shoots are taken between September and December. So contact me and schedule it now.




Life is the best when your squad is by your side.

squad goals_edited-1.png
Katrina, Emily, and Paige

Who is interested in a photo shoot with their squad, bestie, BFF’s, whatever you call the boy(s) or girl(s) that are your kind of people?

I’m offering a giveaway of 50% off to one group of friends.

Follow me over on Instragram by clicking HERE.  Find the most recent post and follow the instructions to hop on board and enter the giveaway.

Details of the session:          $150                                   

30 minute session       1 outfit change

up to 5 friends             Private Image Gallery

Each person above the packaged 5 is an extra $15

Package Includes:

A customized session with you and your squad.

Photos of all of you together and each of you individually.

Memories you’ll cherish of that fun time when you got together for a photoshoot.

Looking forward to meeting the person who wins this discounted photo session.





School is out. Summer is in.

IMG_6126Congratulations to each and everyone of those who have completed either their first year of school, another year of school, and most importantly graduating high school.For the past 3 summers I have had so much fun photographing kids for the “back to school” photos.  Regular school photos are fun, but these bring out their personality.  Here are some quick looks from some of my adorable kids who participated in last years back to school photo fun.

Now this kid right here… I am so proud of.  This is Jadon, our oldest of the three amazing little humans my husband and I are raising.  I’m usually not one for posting photos of our kids all the time, but he is now on his way to second grade and he has made us incredibly  proud parents with all his achievements. I include in his adorable (biased, naturally) collection of photos a few from each year documenting his entrance to school.



Jadon, from the day you were born, Dad and I knew you could move mountains. You are such a driven little boy. You’re selfless, loving, talented, intelligent and overall wonderful person.  We are so proud to be your parents.  Keep up the hard work, son. We love you to infinity and beyond.




The Paff Family

Hi again, everyone!

Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so fabulous to work with. That’s true of my session with the Paff family, as well! Doesn’t hurt that Katee (Mom) just happens to be one of my dearest friends for well over 10 years.  Katee, you are one of a kind. Our friendship grows stronger each year and I love that we are on this motherhood ride together. SMOOCHES!


I met up with them and the weather was perfect for photo-taking. Not too hot or bright.  Small wind every so often. While the weather was fine, it was the this lovely group of people that made this shoot such a treat.  Gonna give shout outs to Katee’s mother, Karen, who was fantastic assistant to not only Katee and her family, but me as well.  Hats off to you, Karen.



This beautiful family consists of Nicholas, Katee, Georgia Paige age 4 and Zachary Nicholas age 2.  Aside from being amazing, loving, patient parents, they are a blast to be around.  There is never a dull moment as the fun and jokes never end. They are all very lucky to have one another.



I hope you enjoy the pictures.  See below for some more teasers from our session!

Thank you again, Katee, for another year of photos and friendship.

Damon + Trey


So adorable, right?

Damon and Trey are some super fun kids. What personalities on these two!

Their mother, Tiffany contacted me a few months ago to get these two boys their annual photo session. I was excited when I got the message, as I remember when she booked with me last year for their photos. Another returning client, hooray!

“This is our second shoot with Kimberly. Since These boys are so active, even with a candid shoot they can be difficult to reel back in, but Kimberly embraces it and does an amazing job at capturing their chaos in an amazing way!”  Thank you for such sweet words, Tiffany. I’m so honored! I must say I was happy to know that they enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed them!

Damon is the oldest, incredibly smart and a very determined young boy. He loves being outside running free or at the hockey rink watching his brother skate.

Trey is outgoing, smart, and athletic. While he loves to play all sports, his choice of sport is hockey.

Mom and Dad did a wonderful job preparing them for our session. They tried to do outfits comfortable and appropriate for the beach. Tiffany let their oldest pick his outfit to avoid day-of meltdowns as she told me.  Good thinking, Mom!
They brought items that are special to each child. For Damon it’s his hockey stick and for Trey it’s his favorite “dragon” monster truck.

Another successful shoot with these boys.  Thanks again to their Mom and Dad for hiring me for their annual photos.  I enjoyed every bit of the shoot.