Hey there friends! I’m so excited to announce KGP’s 2017 Brand Representative team.  This group of boys and girls applied for the position through a series of applications in the month of August, and made the team!  There was some tough competition out there, and I was overwhelmed with the response to the brand search, but I seriously couldn’t be more happy with this group.  Not only do each and every one of them showcase their own personalities in our first session, they are such a fun group of kids to be around.  The exact look I was going for!  Be yourself, love yourself, and have fun!  That was tonights main goal!  It was such a pleasure hanging with each of them.  They were such troopers.  It was hot out! But they all pulled through.


Juliana, Alyssa, Layla, Shyla, Ty, Kannin, and Johnny.

They all range from 10 – 13 years of age. This crew is involved in soccer, baseball, softball, and dance.  Each one of them have big hearts, personalities and smiles 😀  I look forward to working with all you.  So many exciting things headed your way!




Chris, Deanna & Bryson


Today I feature Chris, Deanna & Bryson. I have been photographing Bryson since he was 18 months old! Crazy to look back at those photos and see how little he was.

Deanna and Chris obviously have such a fun and exciting relationship. They met  on a boat in the gulf while hanging out with friends. It was an easy decision when they said they wanted beachy photos.  I’m so grateful the rain held up until the very last push of my shutter button.  Then it came down!

I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of us and say this photo session what a great time.  With Deanna’s fun personality, Chris’ calm and easy going personality, and there is never a dull moment Bryson, this shoot was jam packed with excitement.

This family really enjoys quality time together.  You can find them fishing, playing soccer or basketball.

When I asked Deanna about her favorite part of the session. She replied with “I really enjoyed being able to just be us.  Everything was natural and we were captured perfectly.” 

How cute are these two?  I mean, seriously!


Thank you, Deanna, for another wonderful session.  I love everything about this session and couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.


The Hanse Family

Hey there, hey!!!

So let’s just talk about the Hanse family! My have these kids grown since I last saw them.



On the weekend, you can find this family boating, swimming , or riding bikes through their neighborhood.  Which leads me to talk about our location for this session.

This was my 3rd time photographing the Hanse family.  In the past, we went with beach/tropical themed settings. This time, Danielle was looking for a bit of a change.  Since their recent move to a new neighborhood, she and her husband, Brian, scoped out this hidden gem!

We had this session scheduled before Irma hit, and sadly we had to cancel because of rain.  So when the second time around was approaching, Danielle contacted me the night before and we changed the time from an evening shoot to an early morning shoot as it was calling for rain AGAIN around the time we were going to start our session.  It was a good decision too, because she was right!  The rain came down exactly when our session would have been.

We all had a great time together that morning. This is Madison and Dylan. Madison has a love for animals…including her brother. Dylan enjoys the outdoors and all things in nature… even frog farts… which no one will understand that, but when Danielle reads this, she will get a good laugh.

Thank you Danielle and Brian for having me capture some fun times with your family.  You both are great company and your kids are adorable.  It was so nice to see everyone doing so great and I can’t wait for our next session!



Well this is gonna be hard!  I’m so happy with this turn out and it is only 2 weeks in since the post went live!  Thank you for all the applications.  Please make sure you (brand rep applicant) and your parent fill out your own application forms. Also, I have decided to not make it a requirement that the Brand Rep has their own social media, however, I would prefer it.  You MUST complete all the steps before qualifying for the position. Please make sure you’ve done all the items on your to do list!

Shoot me an email if you have any questions.